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Docksta Sko - Slippers, Beak Boots and Boots.

A Swedish tradition since 1923
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Handmade shoes since 1923

 The production of shoes at Docksta Sko has remained unchanged for almost 100 years. Everything is still done by hand and each shoe is unique. We mainly produces slippers but also small editions of clogs, beak boots, works shoes and boots. 

Our company is still based in the small village of Docksta in Kramfors municipality on the beautiful High Coast. 

We uses suppliers in the region to reduce environmental impact and Tärnsjö Tannery in Uppland provides vegetable tanned leather. 

We are dedicated providing the best quality, value and services for our customers. 

(Are you from Sweden and looking for slippers / tofflor. Visit dockstasko.se for a better experience. 

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