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Docksta Sko - Slippers, Beak Boots and Boots.

Docksta & Roos
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Handmade shoes since 1923

For almost 100 years we have been producing shoes in our factory. Slippers, clogs, beaked boots, jodphurs and boots. Now we can also offer more products in interior design and accessories.

Our factory is located in Docksta, in the world heritage Höga Kusten, in central Sweden. Beautifully nestled in one of the bays of the Bothnian Sea with Skule National Park as a backdrop. In the valley between the mountains and the sea, where people thrive, we continue to produce our shoes. Just as we have done since 1923. 

We want to give the best to our customers. We take pride in our craftsmanship and our shoes that are made to last for a long time. 

Docksta shoe factory also manufactures and sells interior design. Products that are made to be inherited for generations. Shiny cushions with leather on both front and back. Table mats, coasters and napkin rings in the same quality Swedish leather are also available in our factory shop and online. 

Collaborations with several other brands have begun, resulting in our classics in a new guise. Examples include Emma von Brömssen's designs Hares in Hiding, Talk about Cockatoos and Oak Tree Tails, which will adorn our classic Gunilla model. 

Warm hats and gloves. Comfortable socks, durable belts and beautiful bags. And lots of other fine leather accessories. Docksta stands for good design and solid craftsmanship. Welcome to us. 

(Are you from Sweden and looking for slippers / tofflor. Visit dockstasko.se for a better experience. 

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