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Slippers - Gunilla 902 Brown | Docksta Sko
Slippers - Gunilla 902 Brown | Docksta Sko
Slippers - Gunilla 902 Brown | Docksta Sko
Slippers - Gunilla 902 Brown | Docksta Sko

Gunilla 902

Gunilla 902 Brown
Gunilla 902 Black
Gunilla 902 Black Nubuck
Gunilla 902 Swedish Brown Leather
Gunilla 902 Swedish Black Leather
Dark brown leather clogs with the famous Docksta pattern on top. Made with soft yet sturdy leather and a solid cork sole. Can be used as a stylish house slipper or a relaxed out and about shoe. Material: leather. Handmade in Sweden.
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Gunilla slippers – a style icon since the 1950s

Docksta Shoe Factory has been manufacturing slippers since the 1950s. Gunilla is one of our beloved classics, with high quality and a comfortable fit. We strive for sustainability and high quality in each and every detail. The material should be as sustainable as the design. An outstanding slipper for the summer party as well as at home in the hammock.
Variant: Black vegetable-tanned leather
Detailed craftsmanship
Skilled craftsmen who do the cutting, stitching, lasting, pegging and bottoming. A craft of the highest quality and accuracy.
Comfort & suppleness
The model has been designed for a comfortable fit and to be supple and steady on the foot.
Good material choices
The leather allows your feet to breathe and just becomes more beautiful the more it is used.
The soles are manufactured in a durable and natural material for a long life cycle.

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