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The High Coast is close to our hearts. This is where it all started and this is where we are still today. Close to nature, with the sea as our neighbour and Skuleskogen National Park as our backdrop. At the end of the working day, we are only a few minutes away from magnificent views and stunning scenery. We care about that. 

Our employees should feel good at work and have the opportunity to gather strength in their free time. Everyone who works for us has a collective bargaining agreement and the opportunity to have an impact both in the workplace and on their personal development. We have decided to keep our factory in Docksta. Quality and control over the entire production chain are of paramount importance to us.

Today, several of our employees are new Swedes. Integration is close to our hearts and we know from our own experience that diversity leads to growth. Swedish education is available at the workplace and we make sure that our employees and their families feel good both inside and outside the workplace. We have also chosen to support local associations and take our social responsibility as an employer in a small town.

We try to buy our materials from Sweden as much as possible. This gives us short transport distances which reduces carbon emissions. When we order raw materials, we often do so on a yearly basis to reduce the number of freights. These choices sometimes cost us a little more but for us it is worth it.

We hope you will be able to enjoy our products for a long time. Buying quality and products that will last for many years, that's sustainability for real.

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