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We want our children to be able to experience Höga Kusten. To be able to hike in Skule National Park and climb up to the cave along the mountain's steep slope.

We want our children to be able to swim in a fresh and healthy sea on a beautiful summer’s day in lovely Björnviken at Trysunda, the jewel of the Bothnian Sea.

We want our children to be able to visit a farm in idyllic Anundsjö and feed the calves with hay and ride bareback on the Icelandic horse Hvesta. That is a sustainable future for us.

We also want our employees to enjoy good employment terms and conditions. That they have statutory and contractual salaries and opportunities for development in the workplace. We also want them to be able to influence their workplace and continuously improve their work environment. This is important to us for the simple reason that we have decided to keep our factory in the little village of Docksta in central Sweden. We choose quality and control across the entire production chain. 

Which material we use for manufacturing our shoes is also very important. We collaborate with Tärnsjö Tannery in Uppland, among others.  The Swedish-owned tannery’s values are something that we can readily identify with. The transport distance between Tärnsjö and Docksta is also relatively short. We are far from flawless but we really try to do our best to give our children the same opportunities that we had during our childhood. We hope that you will get the opportunity to enjoy our products for a long time to come and that we will retain you, our conscious customers, well into the future.

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